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Academies, universities and high schools - agencies of Shaytan
Academies, universities and high schools - agencies of Shaytan

- Maulana Shaykh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani Q.S

Doctor and professor titles are from Jews, from Shaytan, however, Muslims are feeling very happy and being proud to wearing these titles, they are in ignorance. Shaytan gave an oath, “O Lord of Creation! I am going to make Your servants the opposite of what You like, even worse than me, so that no one obeys Your heavenly orders! I will open academies, universities, high schools and colleges to give them degrees and certificates in my teachings. They will all become my followers and will keep what I teach them in their hearts, minds and areas of carnal desire. I will not leave them to follow the honor You granted them, and will lead them on different ways so they will reject it! I will grant them certificates, scholarships and other honors so they will follow me!”

Now throughout the world, people are running after the worst targets, leaving the holy commands of Heavens to acquire scholarships and certificates from Shaytan! They are looking in holy books, but are only following Shaytan. Now all nations are in a worse situation from which it is impossible to find a way out, and Shaytan is saying, “Oh! I reached my final goal.”