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Mercy Oceans, Book 12 (192 pages, 14/15)
one must join one of these two caravans. One caravan is the prophets' caravan and saints' caravan and believers' caravan, and the other one, the second caravan, is the Devil's caravan, Satan's caravan, the Anti-Christ's caravan. Everyone may chose one of these two for himself. The prophets' caravan is calling to people: "O people! We are moving to our Lord's Divine Presence. You have an invitation from your Lord. Come along and join us."
At first perhaps it is difficult for your egos, because we are passing through huge deserts, difficult mountains and terrible valleys, but at the end we will reach a plain where you may enjoy yourself up to eternity. But the second caravan has too many advertisers, calling people - too many: "O people!
Come and join our caravan. It is a free caravan. Come and join and enjoy yourselves, people!"
And people are dancing, running - yes! But, as at first a student, if he can be patient and bear so much studying, keeps himself from everything else and sits and learns, at the end he is going to be so pleased and enjoying himself. But the one who always plays, running from this way, from that way, at the end of the year he must cry - yes!

Therefore, we are living in a world in which all things are going to be a test for everyone. The prophets are saying, "If you join our caravan, at the end you will take your rest, you will find peace, you will find every enjoyment. Don't be cheated or deceived by devils. They are saying, 'Come and drink! Come and eat! Come and enjoy yourself!' But at the end, finally, too much crying, too much regret."
But your egos, like little boys, may run and ask for everything, whether harmful or harmless, running after it; and they are mostly listening to the caravan of devils and Satan, and asking to follow them. But every time our ego follows them, there comes regret - must be.
Yes. We are living in a life which we are able to keep for only the moment we are in. Every breath which we leave behind ourselves and everything which is ahead of us, after a second it is also going to be behind us; as a car runs speedily and swallows the road, quickly for us, also, every breath is just finishing our lives. We can't keep past time with ourselves; past time is finished. And we are waiting for the future, but the future also quickly comes and runs from our hands. Therefore every enjoyment in this life is like a dream, and from a dream no one can take anything. You may see, you may dream, that you are sitting on a throne with a crown on your head and with treasures, but you can't keep that. When you open your eyes - nothing; and you say, "Where did they go? They were with me just now."
Yes. Therefore our egos are always cheating us, and we must be serious about our temporary life. We must look after it seriously because during our temporary life we can take only spiritual development and improvement, and no one can improve or develop without joining the caravan of prophets and saints. That must be.
Now, there is an important point to say to you. In Western countries I am seeing or I am meeting a lot of people, and they are claiming that they have wisdoms - from this, from that, they are reading books or listening and

learning and keeping with themselves wisdoms from the East, from oriental countries. Oriental countries are a dream for European people particularly, as oriental people are also always dreaming of these Western countries - yes, too happy to come to London, to England, to live in Germany; dreaming people. And whoever dreams of Western countries, ghusl, showering, is wajib, necessary, for him139.
Whenever European, Western, people think about oriental countries, countries of the sunrise, refreshment comes into their hearts, spiritual refreshment and light; but whenever oriental countries' people think about the countries of the sunset, Western countries, darkness comes into their hearts. That is a bad thing, because their hearts are looking to that Eastward direction; no good. And whoever comes here, if they feel light in their own countries, when they come here, darkness comes - if not the darkness of night, at least the darkness of a cloudy sky. (Therefore, if the Government heard me, it would give me a medal because I am saying, "Oriental people, leave these countries and go back to your own countries"; but no one is saying to Mrs. Thatcher or to Her Majesty the Queen that I am such a person, advising your foreigners here to go back to their sunshining, oriental countries' that you are dreaming about - yes!)
And you are asking for wisdoms from Eastern countries because all prophets and all prophethood has come from the Middle East, from oriental countries, and wisdoms have come from those countries, also. Even old Greek wisdoms have taken their lights from the East; they never looked to the West but always to the East. Now, I mean to say that so many Western people want wisdoms and are suffering to reach some wisdoms, even on the plains
139 In Islam ghusl is the means of cleansing from gross impurity. The meaning here is that an equal degree of impurity is incurred inwardly when people from the spiritually-luminous East dream about the spiritually-dark Western world. The order to do ghusl on such occasions is given in tariqah as a means of purification of the heart.

of India or in Tibet, and they have brought some wisdoms. Then, what is the difficulty for them?
The difficulty is that they are bringing wisdoms like beads; so many, like beads, they are carrying and bringing. But if a lady has a pearl necklace, does she carry the pearls in her hand, or put them on a silk thread?
She puts them on a strong thread, to keep them; otherwise they are going to be lost. Therefore, although people are taking so many wisdoms, and they are sufficiently proud of their wisdoms, finally they are losing them because there is not a strong thread keeping them.
What is that thread? I must say it now. What is this thread for those pearls? Wisdom's pearls should be kept, but with which thing may you keep them?
With a strong belief; strong belief keeps wisdoms. Without believing in any religion, finished; they are going to be lost. Therefore, as a person likes, he must follow either Christianity or Judaism or Islam; he must keep one belief, or everything that he has obtained is going to be useless. And that is something that people who are asking for wisdoms from the East, from the West, are forgetting, and it is the most important thing. If you can have this, then one after the other you may take pearls; but if you haven't got this, then everything that you are taking of wisdoms is going to be lost.
Therefore you must believe in a religion. I am not saying to you that you must believe in this one or in that one or in that one, but you must not do it by taking something from Christianity, something from Judaism, something from Islam. It is nonsense, without meaning - without meaning, because beliefs need to be pure. If beliefs are not pure, they are going to be mixed up and are going to be useless.
Therefore you may try to believe in some belief and you must not be cheated by titles: you must look at meanings and at purposes and at principles. If the principles are correct, you may keep it; and when you accept the principles

of a belief, you must try to keep to your belief, because, if you have a pearl necklace, you must look after it carefully because thieves may steal it.
Therefore, beliefs must also be protected, and you must know which things protect your belief. If not protecting it, you will not be able to find it, also; it will be stolen. And if anyone makes up something, makes up a religion by himself, it is going to be wrong.
Therefore we must follow heavenly religions and heavenly beliefs; and we are believing as our Lord is asking us to believe. Every heavenly religion - Christianity, also, and Islam and Judaism - is calling people to believe in the existence of the Lord, Almighty God, and in His unity, and then calling people to believe in the Last Day, Judgment Day. Without believing in Judgment Day there is no religion; it is useless, because religion gives responsibility to mankind.
We are human beings, we are not animals Animals do not carry responsibility; but we are from mankind. You have been honored, and, as you have been honored, you have been loaded with responsibility.
Therefore, that is among the most important pillars of religion.

The most, most important, is to believe in the existence of the Lord, the Creator, and His unity, and second, to believe that He has a judgment day for His servants. You must understand that you have responsibility for the Day of Resurrection and that you shall be judged that Day, and you must believe in the Eternal Life either in Paradise or in Hell. That is a never- changing belief.
If anyone believes in these, the wisdom-pearls that he takes will give him benefit, because wisdoms make or keep people in humanity, keeping people honored, keeping people honorable. The one who has wisdoms is never going to be a dishonorable person: if a person has wisdoms he can't be a liar; if a person has been given wisdoms he is not going to be cruel; and so on. Wisdoms give people honor, and those wisdoms, when you believe in

Judgment Day, give you more power during your life, giving you a direction toward your destination - your true destination, not the wrong destination, never leaving you to follow devils or to fall into evils; no.

By the name of Allah, All-mighty, All-merciful, Most Beneficent and Most Munificent. What is honor for a person? Honor and being honorable is to accept truth; that is honor for people, for everyone. Whoever accepts truth, he has been honored by accepting it. And which thing makes a person dishonorable? To reject truth, while truth at every time is like the sun in the skies.
Truth is not hidden; always it is clear. And do you think that Abu Jahl140, the biggest enemy to the Prophet, didn't know the truth? His conscience proclaimed the truth, proclaimed that Muhammad, p.b.u.h., had brought the truth, the absolute truth, the unquestionable truth; but his ego came and prevented him.
In his conscience everyone knows what is truth, but his ego rejects it. Therefore ego is accursed, because it prevents people from accepting truth. It is only our ego, nafs, which makes people dishonorable, and therefore Allah Almighty orders His servants to fight their egos. And the Prophet was saying, "Umirtu an uqatila-n-nas hatta yaqulu 'La ilaha illa-Llah141".
You must understand what is the main or the last message through beloved Muhammad, p.b.u.h.; you must look at what he brought, for what he fought, for which thing he gave his life, his whole life. You must not be fanatical or egotistical, and fanatical people are egotistical people. You must accept what is truth. And he, the Prophet, p.b.u.h., was summarizing his

140 Literally, "the Father of Ignorance," the greatest enemy of Islam and its Prophet among the Makkan pagans
141 I have been commanded to fight people until they say "There is no deity except God." (Hadith)

prophethood and saying, "I have been ordered to fight people until they accept to say 'La ilaha illa-Llah, there is no God but Allah."
We are saying, claiming that we are the followers of the Sunnah of the Prophet, Ahli Sunnah142. And so many people in our time are claiming that they are keeping only the Sunnah, but their egos are raising themselves over them and putting reins in their mouths, making them like donkeys.
What is the reason? The main sunnah, the most famous sunnah, is the Prophet's saying, "I have been ordered to fight people until they accept to say that there is no God but Allah." And you, each one, as a follower of our beloved Prophet, p.b.u.h., you must keep a sword for fighting: you must keep a sword in your hand to fight until your ego says, "There is no God but Allah," because your ego, or every ego, says, "There is no God but Me, only Me." (Therefore Sheikh Hasan says in his song, "Me-Me-Me, Me-Me-Me..."; you must listen to that song. ) Your ego says to you, "You must not accept any God except Me, and I am your Lord," because it will never be able to command anyone except you. You must be an obedient servant to Me only, and I am your Lord. You must accept Me as your Lord!" And you are saying, "O my Lord, yes-sir! Whatever you order, I am ready."
Everyone! That is our characteristic. Therefore you must accept truth. If you say, "My ego is an angel," you are a liar. Your ego is not an angel and it is never going to be at the level of an angel; rather you can say, "It is a devil, a real devil." More than Satan it is a devil, our ego; you must be very careful. Therefore, the Prophet said, "Ada-l-'adu nafsuka-l-lati baina jambain143, the most terrible and dangerous devil is in the middle of your chest, here."

142 The People of the Prophet's Practice ar Tradition
143 the worst of enemies is your nafs which is between the two sides (of your body)." (Hadith)

All prophets came with truth, but the whole truth is in the wisdoms of Muhammad, and you must accept this. If you do not accept it, you will never reach the level of humanity and you are not going to be an honorable person in the Divine Presence. Therefore, we must fight our ego and say, "Get away! I am now with truth."
Your ego makes one thousand or one hundred thousand traps or tricks for you, for changing your mind and for changing your heart, also. Don't suppose that it is an easy one to fight - no! Rather, it is so difficult. You may fight every army on earth and they may be easy in comparison to your ego, it is so difficult.
How is it not going to be difficult when the Prophet says that it is the biggest enemy, the biggest devil? Yet you are looking after it so carefully; you are using every means to make your ego pleased, to give it pleasure. Who can say, "I am not trying to make my ego at rest and in pleasure and enjoyment?" Everyone does! And every problem and every crisis and war, all fighting, every bad thing, grows from that point: that everyone wants to make his ego in the most excellent condition and best enjoyment, to give it everything that it may ask.
This world is not enough for the ego of a person; if anyone is given this world, he will ask for another one. But leave aside the whole world - if you give him this London, taking all the people out of it and giving it to him, by nighttime he will go to the mental hospital; he will be crazy because he will go around, like this, like that - no one in an empty city, a dead city, a ghost town. Yes, he will go, he will run, among the streets and roads, and from here up to there, looking to see if someone is there.
Now we have given you this London. Take it, we will go away to another London. But he does not want to be alone: he wants the whole of London to be for himself and also for all the people to be under his command. Ego is

not happy by itself only, no. But if I were able, I would imprison it in an empty town, a ghost town, to have ghosts looking at it from every side, also.
Devils, our egos! Therefore it is so difficult a one to fight. But until you are going to be victorious over it, you can't be a person who accepts truth, no; it makes you dishonorable, always. When your ego says, "Now I am surrendering; as you say, I am proclaiming that there is no God but Allah," then you will be honored here and Hereafter.
In our time a lot of people are claiming that they are asking for truth, that they are looking for truth. But what is the benefit if truth shines like a sun but still you are denying it, you are not proclaiming it? And do you think that as long as you are under your ego's control you will accept truth? No!
And we have now in our time, also, truth. Islam just brought truth, absolute truth; you can't find anything in Islam except truth. Never can anyone object to the principles that Islam brought as beliefs, as worships, as attributes of character; no one can make any objection.
And if people are making objections about what Islam fought against, Islam just fought against devils. For what did prophets come if people, all of them, accepted truth? The Last Prophet, p.b.u.h., was sent as a prophet when his nation was in the midst of the darkness of ignorance - in too heavy darkness they were; they were in the worst condition through dhulm, cruelty. Who, can imagine a tribe of people who buried innocent girls under the sun144? Which community has done such cruelty? It means their hearts were like rocks; and yet some no-mind people are defending them!
For what did Muhammad, p.b.u.h., fight? He had to fight those people; they were devils, representing and practicing the rules of devils. If you did not fight them, you would have to give them your neck, to cut it off. But so many

144 In the Arabian society of the Prophet's time, it was common practice to bury girls alive during infancy or childhood

foolish and fanatical people - in our time, also, so many - are making objections about why Islam fought.
How was he not going to fight? He was coming as a prophet, with truth, and they were objecting and refusing truth, insisting that they could do anything they liked of cruelty and that no one should say "No" to them. Why do these governments make prisons and punish people? Leave them, in their freedom; they can do anything, if that is true! But anyone who fights the government, the government must fight him. That is a rule, never changing.
Therefore, Islam is perfect in every direction; no one can make any objection to Islam, can say that there is anything imperfect in Islam. That is truth. You may hate the name of Islam or Muslims but you must not hate truth. Anyone who wants to be honored here and Hereafter must proclaim truth, and truth is equal to Islam and Islam is equal to truth. People are asking for some way to practice, but I have never seen a way better than Islam for practicing, for beliefs and worships and character. You must accept!
Therefore we have been ordered to fight our egos until they say that Islam is the perfect religion from every direction. In beliefs and worships and dealing with people, they can never find anything better than the Shari'ah's rules for governing people. Every day people are making a new rule, the next day saying, "This is not good; we must change it." Every government is like this, full-up with rules, and each parliament is coming and making new ones. "This is no good; bring something else," writing new ones. "Who is accepting this?"
Allah sent His rule which is suitable for individuals and collectively. Why are you are rejecting it? I am shouting this because Allah, the Almighty Lord, is pleased with me when I am shouting at people. (Laughter.) I am the defender of the holy rules. If anyone is objecting, I will send to him one ghost, entering at nighttime!

Yes. So many secret powers have not yet appeared. Don't think that you know everything or that every power is under your control. There are some ones controlling all the power that you are so proud of, and, only with a switch, a key, turning it back, finishing off every thing. And you will see what is the power of faith; it is soon coming, because this world is soon going to be uncontrolled by anyone. Yet there are certain ones controlling everything. Don't think that those reactors or clouds (Chernobyl] are going like this, coming like that, without control. There are commanders for the winds, also; yes.
Truth is sweet but some people, ill people, when you give them sweet things, say, "Bitter, bitter, bitter!" I am giving this sweet thing and he is saying, "Bitter"; giving this bitter one and he says, "Sweet." It means, finished; no more life for that person. Therefore haqq, truth, is sweet and beautiful, and we must accept it.

We have just arrived at the last Friday of this holy month, and it has passed so quickly. And everything that is numbered must be finished; if it is not just one month but may be one year, it is still going to finish quickly.
Everything that is temporary one day is going to be finished. What is permanent, that is important; and we are coming to this life to gain permanent life, permanent pleasure, and to make our Lord pleased with ourselves. When we make our Lord pleased with ourselves, then that is going to be pleasure, here and Hereafter.
We are believers. This is a holy month. The Prophet, p.b.u.h., gave good tidings about this holy month. The first one-third of this Holy Ramadan is the days of mercy, coming on all people, ten days, and the second ten days are the days of forgiveness of our Lord, Almighty Allah. And the last one-third, which we are going to finish now, also, is freedom from Hell for believers,

Allah Almighty making them free, keeping them away from Hell. Therefore, believers who try to keep our Lord's orders during the days of Holy Ramadan by fasting and during the night by praying Tarawih145 and other prayers, may be rewarded by our Lord, Almighty Allah, giving them barat, immunity, safety, from Hell, and they have been given good tidings of Paradise.
And we are the nation of the Last Prophet. One hundred and twenty-four thousand prophets and their nations have passed away. And the Seal of the Prophets, who was the last - no more prophethood or no more prophets after beloved Muhammad, p.b.u.h. - was saying, signing with his two fingers, the middle finger and the Shahadah, first, finger, and informing people that when I am sent with the last message from my Lord, between me and the Last Day, the Day of Judgment, there is only these two fingers' distance, it is so near.
And now, from that time up to today, fifteen centuries have passed away, and for everything that we are seeing - because he informed us of every event or every sign before the Last Day comes - he has spoken about those signs. He informed us about the conditions that would come and that people would be in when the Last Day approaches; he informed us about difficulties, general difficulties for all people but particularly for believers.
The Prophet was saying that when the Last Day approaches, there will be difficult conditions, and the hearts of believers are going to be melted as salt melts in water because they will see so many bad things, and the whole world will be full-up with evils. There will be the sovereignty of devils on all the world, and believers will see that but they will never be able to change those bad conditions.
No one among believers can accept or agree with such conditions that people now are living in, but you can't do anything: you can't do, you can't say, anything for your children; you can't do anything for your neighbors, you
145 The special nightly prayers observed throughout Ramadan

can't do anything for your nation. A day ago a newspaper wrote that in a Muslim country, one person only said the word "Shari'ah" and the government took that the person to prison - a person only mentioning Shari'ah, when that country carried the flag of the Prophet for six hundred years! Yes, how changed - changed, because the time is approaching, and believers' hearts are melting; but we, you, can't do anything.
And then the Sahabah, the Prophet's Companions, were asking him, "O Prophet, how can believers live among such difficult conditions? How will their lives be? Is it possible to live under such conditions?"
And the Prophet said, "As bacteria live in vinegar, so they will live." And you must be patient, and you must ask from your Lord, Allah Almighty.
The Children of Israel were asking their Lord to send them a holy man who was supported by divine powers to fight against unbelievers. But we are heedless people, the whole Islamic world; we are not asking that.
Even though the Prophet gave good tidings about that one, that holy one who will be supported by divine powers and divine attributes, giving good tidings for the nation of Muhammad, p.b.u.h., yet so many scholars are denying him and making discussions: "Is such a person coming or not coming?"146 But even if he were not mentioned in hadiths, so many hadiths, still we must ask for him; because Allah Almighty can do anything, and we can ask Him to give us such a holy man, holy person, supported by divine powers, to stop every evil and to defeat every devil.
And you must ask; it is obligatory for every believer to ask from Allah Almighty: "O my Lord! O Allah, ya Rabb! Send us someone to save the nation of Muhammad, p.b.u.h." And it is enough for everyone to look after himself and to ask from his Lord divine support, individually and generally,

146 Referring to the Mahdi, p.b.u.h.

for all people. We are not asking only for believers but we are asking for all nations to be safe from the hands of devils.

By the na