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Mercy Oceans, Book 12 (192 pages, 11/15)
for men to wholly understand women's structure, and women also never understand what is the structure of a man. Men may be mistaken in the matter of giving rights to women and men may also be mistaken in proclaiming the rights of men, but Allah Almighty as Creator knows what is perfect for men and perfect for women.
Some people are running after every evil, every bad thing, to make both sides, men and women, fall into sufferings or miseries. Therefore those people are saying to women that men are taking away your rights, are not giving you your rights. I am hearing these things in Europe, not in our countries in the Islamic world, although that is coming little by little to our countries, also; bad weather is coming. But here I am surprised at how European women, Western women, are still not satisfied and they are saying that men are always cheating us, taking away our rights.
And I am with them, with women in Western countries. They have rights to complain and to accuse men because in Western countries the rules never keep the rights of women; that is true. Therefore, I am with women in Western countries because the rules are so bad in keeping the rights of women.
It is the biggest dhulm, cruelty or injustice, that has happened on earth to the rights of women to take women out of their homes and to put them among men and force or obligate them to work as men work. That is cruelty. Those rules, all of them, are cruel because women were never created for outside work, but rather to be mothers, excellent mothers, excellent wives, excellent for their homes; and every crisis that is appearing on earth is for this reason, because of this point, only.
Until women are going to be in their homes like queens, it will not change. Does Her Majesty the Queen go out and work anywhere, or only in her

palace? And every women must be in her house like a queen in her palace but we men are not looking after them. The Islamic rules never say to leave women in chicken coops; never does Islam tell people to come and live on top of each other, to live our lives in such houses110.
Yes, ardu-llahi wasi'ah111." Allah Almighty gives us a wide world for ourselves, such wide lands, wide countryside, and yet people are coming, one riding on the other in flats. They are making their lives in Hell here; yes. Why are they coming all together? There can be so many towns, so many large spaces for building houses, big meadows or gardens, so that that queen may be like Her Majesty the Queen. She will never be without satisfaction - yes, such big gardens, such big houses; she would be happy there. But we are making such matchbox rooms, matchbox houses, and then ladies are saying, "We must go out; we must be pleased and enjoy ourselves by getting out."
And therefore, when Islam says something or gives a rule, if we practice it fully, everything is going to be on its right path. No one can say that a little girl growing up thinks of being a doctor or engineer or scientist or chemist or solicitor or officer or clerk or policeman. When a young girl grows up, it only goes through her mind to have a baby - a baby here, a baby there; always dreaming, also - Allah knows well that they dream of being good mothers, of having good husbands, of having good homes, and that is their happiness, that is their habit in general. If they are saying anything else, they are lying; Allah knows well.
Yes, they grow up with that. Look! - a little girl always takes dolls in her hand, doing like this, like that; Allah has put this among their characteristics. But we are fighting to change their characteristics, and we, men, are cruel. In particular, every rule that men have put in Western countries in the name of

110 Referring to life in a cramped flat in London or any other city
111 Allah's earth is spacious

democracy, all of them are against the rights of women. And Islam just brings the true rights of women and says, "You are like queens, and men are servants to you."
You must be servants to your wives. And the Shari'ah, Allah Almighty's rule, says that you must take care of your lady well, for eating, drinking and dressing, and she should look after you, because she is the only barrier between a man and Hell. If he has no wife, a person will fall into Hell; she is the barrier, and you must look after your wives as you look after your eyes. And she has been asked to keep your honor and to keep your descendants honorable, to look after their training, because every time it is the mother who trains the children. But now devils are taking the child from his mother and putting him in a nursery, fighting against natural rules; and Islam brings natural rules.
A mother must keep her babies close to her, like this. But it is coming to our countries, also. Ladies are working. In the morningtime, they are quickly awakening these little children, and they may be crying, crying; taking them out, bringing them to a crèche, putting them there the whole day, and in the eveningtime coming and bringing them home, while that baby cries.
That is civilization? Even animals do not agree to have their young ones taken from them. Then how do human beings, how mothers? And they are saying that we are civilized people - all our rules are safeguarding women and their rights. And Islam says that you must keep your baby at your breast; that gives life to them, not throwing them into a crèche like lambs in a sheep- pen. There are such places where they put ten, twelve, twenty of them, putting up a fence and they are running around like this, like this, crying, doing everything on themselves. And what should that nurse do? She says, "Leave them alone; they can die. The ones who had those children aren't looking after them. Then for what are we looking after them?"

Yes. Animals do not agree to leave their young ones. Look at cats, look at dogs, look at horses, look at donkeys, look at wolves, look at lions; which of them leave their babies? If anyone comes there, they rush at them, attacking. And we are human beings, yet we are saying that because this is the twentieth century's civilization, a mother must work.
Any woman who works gets no barakah, blessings from the Lord, for her money. Allah Almighty orders men to take care of the house, the family. We must not leave a woman, even if she has no husband, no parents, to work; the government must pay them to keep them in their homes. Maybe they can do something in their homes, but not among men, in factories or at any workplaces. And if a woman leaves, not looking after the home her husband provides, Allah Almighty takes away the barakah.
If only the man works and brings everything to his house, Allah gives more barakah and it is all right. We are seeing that if anyone makes his wife work, forcing her, and that woman brings something, all the barakah goes away; no blessings on them. Yes; if you don't have any need, why do you let her go and work? Islam never accepts that, keeping a lady like a queen, and her husband to be servant to her and to her home.
This bad atmosphere is now coming to the Islamic world, and devils are saying that if women do not work, it is impossible to live; only one person's wages are not enough and women must work, also. It is a very wrong view. They may try to manage on one salary; they may try. But they are not trying. For everything we are saying, they are putting on black eyeglasses and saying, "No, it is not true," and they are getting tired, and making women also to be more tired. If a man gets tired outside, he comes and sits in his home after work; but a woman must work outside and must work in her house, too, and that is cruelty. Therefore, no blessings on those people.
Allah Almighty is the Creator and He has put everything in its suitable place. Therefore men cannot be women and women cannot be men. Women may

be policemen in your countries (and in our countries they are beginning to do that, also), but sometimes I am saying, "Since they say, ´We are policemen, you are policemen,' let the lady police look after London for one night while we are sleeping in our houses, if they are able to take care of this city!".
Yes, we must take care of them. Allah therefore made each kind, male and female, in their specialized positions. This was just created for this purpose, that was created for that purpose. Yes. Men were created to be fathers and the servants of their homes. :
We are saying "servants," but devils are saying that man is the chief of the family, sayyid, and that women are second; and that is a big lie. Allah Almighty made man the servant and protector of ladies - not the chief but the protector and the servant to the family; but devils are changing that, saying, "No, you women are down and men are up."
That is a big lie, making every family upset, and then wife and husband are becoming like two roosters: "I am the rooster!" "No, I am the rooster!" - like this, everywhere in Western countries; and in eastern countries that illness is also coming little by little. In our countries women are still saying, "We are hens; it doesn't matter if you are the rooster," and then they are happy, satisfied, no more quarreling. But the illness of the twentieth century's civilization is running into the Islamic world, and I am sorry.
Each time that we are leaving the correct rules, the natural rules that Allah Almighty has put for mankind, we are falling into miseries and sufferings. Allah Almighty is saying, I do not want My servants to be in miseries or to suffer," but we are saying, "No, we like to suffer." And then Allah Almighty says, "You are free; as you like, do." If you do not say to your Lord, "O my Lord, as you like," He says to you, "O My servant, as you like you, may live, but don't complain." And the whole world now is complaining: rich countries, poor countries, industrial countries and farming countries - all are complaining.

The reason is that we want to live as we like, not as He likes. All people want to live as they like. Yes, you know when a young person escapes from his or her parents, saying, "I must live my life; no more control from you on me." Isn't it so? Every young person is saying this and escaping from parents, in flats, in rooms. They are saying, "I must live my life."
Yes, you may live your life, but it is so dangerous and terrible, finally. It is a new fashion, the Devil's rules, to make people unhappy, to make them in sufferings. A young kid comes out and looks, and Satan puts eyeglasses on him which make everything look pink - a pink world, rose-colored glasses, which make kids run away: "You are big now; enough control from your parents. You must live your life and run!" Satan puts those glasses on them, but then so many come crying - to me, also; every day so many come, my "customers," so many, so many, complaining about their kids, about youth. What can you do? Nothing! Finished.
Therefore Islam just brings every rule suitable for nature: you can't find any rule in it against nature. It is suitable because the Creator of nature and the Creator of the natures of people is our Lord. He knows what is the best. But we are saying, "I know; I must live my life."
Yes, you may but you are living against nature; and whoever lives against nature, nature punishes him by the order, by the command, of Allah Almighty. No mercy on those people from nature; no, not at all. They must be punished. Physicians are saying, "No, we can't do anything. Because you are being punished by nature, we can't do anything - finished." You like it?
Then, if you like it, you may live as you like. If you don't like that, you must say, "O my Lord, as you like, I am intending to live a clean life, an honorable life, a happy life, with pleasure."
And that is all. We must understand Islam and its rules. You must look at the rules of Islam: whatever thing is not suitable for nature, bring it to me. But the one who puts on black eyeglasses. he can't see it.

Then take your eyeglasses away; don't be fanatical. From London I am addressing all nations from East to West, from all mankind, to look at the rules in Islam. If they want to save themselves here and Hereafter, if they want to live an enjoyable and happy life here and Hereafter, they must look at the rules in Islam, both men and women, and not be fanatical.

We have arrived at the last part of Holy Ramadan, and it is the most precious part of Holy Ramadan because the Night of Power is in it. And we have been ordered to look for that precious night, the most valuable night for Muslims during the whole year.
Allah Almighty hides His Greatest Name, and He hides, the Night of Power112, and He also hides Khidr, p.b.u.h., the "Green Man"113; these three things are hidden. Allah Almighty wants His servants to be respectful to everyone so that some time you may find that Green Man, Khidr, p.b.u.h., because he has the power to give you happiness and peace here and Hereafter; he has the most powerful spiritual dress, and he can give it to anyone who can meet him.
But it is not easy to find him. Anyone who is asking truly one day must find him, must meet him, but he may come through any figure, may appear in any form of a man: sometimes as an old man, sometimes as a young man; sometimes with a beard, a long-bearded one, sometimes without beard; sometimes as a poor man, sometimes as a rich man - you never know.

112The Night of Power, Lailat al-Qadr, is the night during which the first revelation of the Holy Qur'an came to the Holy Prophet, p.b.u.h., in the Cave of Hira. It is commemorated each year by Muslims during the last ten odd-numbered nights of Ramadan, usually a the night preceding the twenty-seventh day of the month
113 A reference to that one of our servants on whom We had bestowed mercy from Ourselves and whom We had taught knowledge from our own Presence," Sayyidina Khidr, who is mentioned in connection with the Prophet Moses in Surah Kahf, XVIII:65-82. He is traditionally associated with the color green

Allah Almighty honored the Children of Adam and He is asking from you that you give honor to each other, also. But people in our time are only looking to see if a person has a good outward appearance, giving greetings and respect. That is the twentieth century's "civilization," not real civilization; those who look only at our outward appearance, they are not civilized people.
Civilized people must really see a person as a member of mankind and must give their respect. Don't say that that is a black one, that is a colored one, that is a Turkish one, that is a Pakistani one, that is an English one, that is a Russian one - no, because all of us, we are members of a huge family. Allah Almighty made mankind as a family, a big family, and we must respect and we must support each other.
Therefore the most precious one, who is able to live throughout centuries, at the time of Moses and before and after, he is living: Sayyidina Khidr lives, and if a person meets him, he must reach happiness and peace here and Hereafter. But Allah Almighty has made him to be secret so that we may give everyone respect. That person may be Khidr, peace be upon him, or this one, or that one. When you keep that respect, one day you must meet him.
And second, Allah Almighty has hidden the Greatest Name, 'Ism als Ā'dham. He has ninety-nine Holy Names; one of them is 'Ism al-Adham. Whoever makes du'a, supplication, with that greatest Holy Name, Allah Almighty quickly gives him what he asks. If a person were to know it, he would quickly make du'a; but Allah Almighty hides that Name so that you may give respect for every Holy Name, because that divine manifestation burns all other ninety-nine Holy Names. And sometimes the greatest Holy Name may be with another Holy Name - for example, Allahu-r-Rahman, Allahu-l-Ghafur,

Allahu-l-Karim114, coming with that one and hiding it to create a respect for every Holy Name of our Lord, Allah Almighty.
And thirdly, Allah Almighty hides the greatest night, the holiest night in Islam, the Night of Power. Whoever wants to take power over his ego, over his enemies dhahir wa batin, outward or inner enemies115 - whoever wants that power, to be a real deputy of Allah Almighty not only on earth but also throughout the universe, he must take care to reach that Night, the Night of Power. And Allah Almighty hides it, also, so that you may not depend that it is going to be fixed like Lailat al-Bara'at or Lailat al-Me'raj or Lailat al-Maulid of the Prophet, p.b.u.h.116'
You may find it amongst all the nights of the whole year, but mostly Allah Almighty puts it in Ramadan, also making it during the last ten nights of the last one-third of Ramadan, from His endless mercy making us find it easily in the last third. And the Prophet, p.b.u.h., also indicated that there may be another easy way to find it, saying that you may find it among the last ten odd-numbered nights of Ramadan, like the twenty-first, twenty-third, twenty- fifth, twenty-seventh, twenty ninth; and then, to make it still easier, saying that it mostly comes on the twenty-seventh.
Be ready, be careful. Perhaps for that opening you may be there, to see that power coming on you, dressing you in that nur, light, for that Night, giving

114 Allah the Most Merciful, Allah the Forgiving, Allah the Most Generous, and so on. 115 Inner enemies" refers to nafs, Satan, dunya (the world and its attractions), and hawa (the base desires of the nafs), as explained in many other of Sheikh Nazim's talks.
116 Other holy nights of the Islamic year. Lailat al-Bara'at, the fifteenth night of the month of Sha'ban is the occasion when one year's accounting of a person's life and his sustenance is taken by Allah, and those who deserve it are blessed with divine forgiveness. lailat al-Isra' wal.-Mer'aj is the blessed night of the twenty-seventh of Rajab during which the Holy Prophet was miraculously transported to Jerusalem (al- Isra' and to the Seven Heavens into the Divine Presence (al-Mer'aj). Lailat al-Maulid, the night preceding the twelfth of Rab'i al-Awwal, is the birthnight of the Holy Prophet, p.b.u.h.

you an endless power. And we are asking forgiveness for you, for me, for all Muslims, and for all the children of Adam.

By the name of Allah, All-mighty, All-merciful, Most Beneficent and Most Munificent. May Allah give us His divine help and make us speak truth and follow true ways.
We are the Children of Adam, from the beginning up to the end, and we have activities actions - yes? And the Prophet, p.b.u.h., said, "A'malukum 'ummalukum." 117
What the Seal of the Prophets, p.b.u.h., said is true; he was speaking the truth, the absolute truth. How could a person who said, "An-najatu fi-s-sidq, the salvation of mankind is in truthfulness," say anything else?
"An-najatu fi-s-sidq" - safety or salvation is in being truthful. No one harms himself by being truthful or being a true one, but whoever leaves truth must be harmed here and Hereafter. And the Prophet, p.b.u.h., the most truthful one who ever lived, said, "A'malukum ummalukum."
We have activities or actions, a'mal; everyone has activities for every day. When we die, no more activities, but as long as we are living we are in activity, and everyone must look after his activities or actions. There are satanic actions or activities and rahmani, divine or heavenly or holy activities. And everyone must be either with these or with those activities or actions.
Now we are in an activity here. Each day in Holy Ramadan we have activities. We are trying to make our activities or actions during this holy month heavenly activities, good activities, so that our Lord, Almighty Allah, is pleased with us, and we see that such good activities are filling our days;
117 Your works (actions, activities) are your workers (which work for you)." (Hadith)

during this month we are giving only a short time for other activities and mostly we are coming to do heavenly activities. And when we do heavenly activities, quickly we can find positive results on our hearts and on our minds and on our physical bodies; these three kinds of reactions may be seen from our heavenly activities during this holy month - benefits, yes?
And Allah Almighty, from the first messenger up to the last, gave orders to His servants and prohibitions, also, ordering them to do some things and to leave some other things. In every religion, through every prophet, it comes: good activities or actions that He orders and bad activities or actions that He prohibits, nothing else. And Allah Almighty speaks divine wisdoms in ordering some actions, and for some others which He orders us to leave, He speaks wisdoms, also.
I am saying two words in Arabic; perhaps they may be translated into two words in English, also. Allah Almighty ordered worshipping to His servants, saying, "O Children of Adam, I have ordered for you good actions and worshipping li-karamatika, to make you more honorable. When I order you to do something for worshipping, I am asking to give you more honor, more lights - li-karamatika."
Is it correct? When we pray, Allah Almighty takes away every evil from ourselves. There are angels; if a servant comes to worship his Lord, angels take those no-good things from him, and, when he is going to stand in the Divine Presence, from the Divine Presence come garments of nur, garments of honor, because we have been invited to be in the Divine Presence, and that is honor.
People in our time are running away; they are saying, "It is too much to pray every day." But, if every day Her Majesty the Queen invited you, would you say that it is too much, or would you run like a horse to accept that invitation? Yes. And for Allah Almighty, when He asks worshipping. from us, He wants to give more honor to us by His orders, because to keep your

Lord's orders gives you more honor and more respect in the Divine Presence; and as long as you are a worshipper and as long as you are respectful to your Lord, Allah Almighty, then Allah Almighty makes respect for you. You are going to be respected among creatures; from everything, from everyone, may come to you respect because Allah Almighty is clothing you in respect from His Divine Presence.
Therefore, for all activities or actions which are heavenly activities, the purpose, the aim, is to give us more honor, and you are going to be designated among all creatures as an honorable servant and their dealings with you are going to be with respect. To the extent that you give more respect, you receive in the face of it more respect.
Therefore, "A'malukum 'ummalukum. Everyone who deals with you," the Prophet says, "deals with you according to your actions, whether bad or good." If your activities or actions are respectful to your Lord, then everyone's dealings with you must be respectful; and if in your dealings with your Lord your activities are bad, then everyones' dealings with you must be bad, with no respect for you.
And Allah Almighty also prevents or prohibits His servants from some activities, and He says to the Children of Adam, with divine wisdom: "Ya Bani Adam, nahaitukum an ashya bi-salamatika. Ta'at bi-karamatika wa anni nahaitukum 'anhum bi-salamatika118, I am prohibiting to you things for your safety." Bi-salamatika means to keep you away from harm. "Everything that harms you, I am making that prohibited."
Look at everything, if you have a mind. If it is empty you can't think, but if you have something in it, you can understand that the thing which Allah Almighty

118 O Children of Adam, I have prohibited (certain things) to you for your safety. Obedience is for your honor and to prohibit you from them is for your safety." (Hadith Qudsi)

prohibits must be something that harms you. And every bad activity or action harms you, either in your body or in your mind or in your heart; must be. If nothing comes to your body from it but your heart is in trouble, you must suffer after that prohibited activity. Therefore the hadith of the Prophet, p.b.u.h., "Amālukum ´ummalukum," says: "O people, according to your activities or actions you are attaining some results, either harming you or making you pleased. Therefore you must look after your actions always."
If they are satanic, those satanic actions are not easy to leave because our nafs likes them. That is the trouble: our nafs never likes heavenly actions or activities, always wanting to be in satanic activities, and every time your ego calls you to a bad activity, it is very happy with that; but afterwards you are going to think about it because something, some punishment, will come to you, whether you are thinking about it when you are in it or you are thinking about it in the future. So many people, for some bad activities, are crying throughout their whole l